MonaLisa Touch

MonaLisa Touch

Like all other organs in our bodies, the female genitals are not immune to the effects of time, especially during menopause.  The genital tract is particularly affected by declining oestrogen production.  Almost 50% of postmenopausal women complain about the typical symptoms of genital atrophy interfering heavily with their sexual experience and quality of life. Increasingly, relatively young and socially active women turn to specialists for treating this condition. DEKA has developed a breakthrough procedure for treating age-related vulvovaginal problems. SmartXide2, the innovative CO2 Laser system specifically produced for Vulvo-Vaginal Laser reshaping, deals with the new field of medicine for vulvo-vaginal reshaping. A solution for all women without the adverse side effects of drug therapies.

Key Benefits of the MonaLisa Touch Treatment:

. Painless
. Low risk and little or no side effects
. Suitable for almost all women
. Achieves long-lasting improvements
. No downtime
. Able to be used by certain patient groups who are unsuitable for HRT e.g. breast cancer patients
. Most patients experience noticeable improvements after just one treatment 

The Challenges of Vaginal Atrophy
The walls of the vagina lose collagen, become thinner and the natural elasticity and blood supply is reduced.  The proctective mucosa of the vagina can lose hydration and thickness, causing a loss of lubrication and changes in the natural balance of the internal environment.  This can also cause symptoms such as:

. Vaginal itchiness and burning
. Incontinence and urinary urgency
. Dryness and loss of lubrication
. Vaginal and vulval pain
. Painful sexual intercourse

These symptoms can have a negative effect on your general well being and, in many cases, place stress on your intimate relationships.

How MonaLisa Touch Works
The MonaLisa Touch treatment is a fast and effective treatment that uses hundreds of tiny pillars of Laser energy to stimulate the natural regeneration of the vaginal tissue.
In as little as 30 days after treatment, the regeneration of new tissue in the vaginal walls builds a naturally stronger structure and the protective mucosa recovers volume, hydration and elasticity - all without the side effects of traditional treatments.

Is there Downtime?

The treatment takes around ten minutes.  There is no downtime after the treatment and you can return to your normal activities immediately.

Are the Results Permanent?
All the changes obtained by the MonaLisa Touch treatment are long lasting.  As the natural ageing process continues, the treatment can be repeated as required.

How Many Treatments are Required?
Most patients feel an improvement after the first treatment with the full benefits of the MonaLisa Touch treatment achieved in 3-4 treatments.  This can be decided in consultation with Dr Oates.